Asset and Process Management


Real-time monitoring of vehicles and smartphones.

Route management

Planning and optimisation of routes, route history and accumulated mileage.


Assignment of routes and jobs.


Scheduled maintenance in kilometres and hours.

Delivery management

Proof of delivery and verification of work locations, georeferenced through the mobile app

Arrival and departure reports

Entry, exit and time of stay in geofences.

Motor status

Motor telemetry using CANbus J1939 / J1708 / OBD2.

Cold chain

Cold chain monitoring.


Safety management on route

Control of maximum speeds on route.

Alarms by event

Alarms by power on, off, idle, panic button and others.

Alarms by zone

Alarms by entrance and exit of geofences.

Special alarms

Special alarms by digital sensors, programmable analogue.

Event reports

Management of alarms by a report and sending to email.

Alarms by group

Alarms differentiated by day, time, vehicle, group of vehicles and geofence.

Integration and business intelligence.

Control panel

Management indicators.

Consolidated Reports

Online and automated reports to email.

Special developments

Development hours assigned to personalisation.

Hardware integration

Hardware integrations using RS232, RS485, CANbus, analogue and digital sensors.

Software integration

Software integrations using XML / JSON API.

big data

Analysis and synthesis of large volumes of data.